Work in Progress

Color of Chicken Feather (Post Production)

In the old city of Vietnam, Đinh Ngọc Đạt found unique materials for his art, passion for the painting and the color of his hometown and emotions.

Mitsu is a Director/Producer/Cinematographer/Writer/Editor/Photographer and Actor.

Vietnamese Translator: Lý Mỹ Dung

Portrait of Đinh Ngọc Đạt. Photo by Mitsuhiro Honda

Doppelgänger (Post Production)

After unprecedented things happened, M retrospects what was happened to him. He didn’t see his Doppelgänger anymore. He lost his girlfriend. But he is still in the chaotic city and needs to do something. Something that he wanted and needed.

Actor: Shingo Ishikiriyama

Voice Actress: Lucia


Mitsu is Director/Producer/Writer/Editor and Actor

Producer: Hsuan Yu Pan

Cinematographer: Brian Hutson, Eric Jenkins-Sahlin

Sound Mixer: William Hsieh

Assistant Director/BTS Photographer: Taha Long

Production Assistant: Matt Yaple, Thomas Lau

Doppelgänger by Mitsuhiro Honda