Mitsuhiro Honda (Mitsu) is a Japanese editor/writer/director based in Tokyo, Japan and USA.

Mitsu is a Japanese English Bilingual Editor. He enjoy cutting films and videos for his clients and independent filmmakers. Through his lens, he captures the motions and emotions of human beings or animals (especially cats) and creating the emotional curves by cutting the footage.

Through his own artworks, he has been trying to tell unique stories and small voices by his own way. It might come from his own questions or experience or point of view. He finds his answers through the process of crafting his own artworks.

He also believes in the power of storytelling and interested in memories and records. So he even majored in Japanese history to understand deeply his cultural background, when he was a Sophia University student in Tokyo.

Since 2016, Mitsu moved to Brooklyn, New York. During the pandemic in 2022, he came back to Tokyo to follow his instinct and keep chasing his dreams.

His grandmother taught him how to fix Gyoza and Ramen Soup when he was 6. Since then, his favorite food is Gyoza and Ramen. Mitsu can fix Gyoza and Ramen anywhere in the world.